Greatness lies at the core of the brand’s philosophy. Back in 1970, founder CK Woo bought over the brand from a Swiss merchant to realize his childhood dream, to design and manufacture well-built watches for the masses.


At the tender age of 14, Woo’s passion for watches led him to pursue an apprenticeship, where he sought to master the art of watchmaking. From analyzing the materials of each component right through to the painstaking assembly, he worked for many years without a day off, but his desire never waned. On the contrary, he dutifully studied and refined the designs of watches in the little workshop night after night even after the rigors of work.


After a decade of being under his mentor’s tutelage, Woo took a leap of faith and decided to strike out on his own. Thus began the legacy of Aries Gold, with the prefix Aries serving as the astrological representation for perfection, while the Gold suffix reinforced the esteemed virtues of class and innovation. Disheartened by astronomical prices of the luxury brands because of endorsements and advertising, he was inspired to create an accessible luxury watch brand that aims to put the customers first. Combining business acumen with a fascination for horology, he fashioned a thriving business model that tapped on his belief: Everybody should have the opportunity to own a quality watch. 


Today, Woo retains his unique status as the last watchmaker in Singapore. While his comrades from yesteryear have since passed on, his own unyielding commitment to design and craftsmanship lives on. Under his stewardship, the current Singapore-based team continually seeks to create insanely great timepieces, combining design with mechanical genius. Every idea, every interaction, every opportunity is given the utmost attention to detail so as to empower confidence in consumers and put Singapore’s watchmaking expertise on the world’s radar.


Amid an ambitious global expansion blueprint, Aries Gold is now an international brand sold in 28 countries (including USA, Australia, Germany) – a hard-earned milestone for the only “Made in Singapore” watch brand. After a successful collaboration with International Rock Band Foo Fighters last year, Aries Gold continues to break new grounds by collaborating with International Rock Band Aerosmith in 2017 to promote their unique code of watchmaking: The fusion of liberal arts with quality engineering. 


More than just creating affordable masterpieces that live for perpetuity, Aries Gold also aims to provide assistance to those deserving of it, as homage to our founder’s very own humble roots. Every year, 100 pieces of limited edition watches are produced and sold, with all proceeds donated to charity.


Because ultimately, the brand’s mission is to make the world better by fostering a culture of social responsibility, beginning with those around us. Harnessing the power of creativity, translating it to realized dreams for every unique individual – it’s not just the gold standard the brand pursue, but the Aries Gold standard it creates. 


With a stylished back casing for each series, every Aries Gold timepiece bears a mark reflective of its mutli-layered individuality.


The emblem of the Rally series signifies all the automative sports should be: pulsating, stylish, and ultimately, truimphant. Because nothing says winner more that the end goal in racing- the decisive wave of the chequered flag for a truly rousing finish.



For a series of nautical-oriented timepieces, our anchor emblem serves to root each watch to a sense of controlled adventure – stability that never drifts away, no matter the unpredictability of the high seas and treacherous waves.



With an Aries Gold Aviation timepiece strapped on, it is almost tempting to feel a surge of euphoria, as aerodynamics and aesthetics meld in the engineering of a mechanical wonder – depicted by the propeller emblem indicative of uplifting flight.



Through rapid globalisation, it has become more important than ever to rise up amidst the concrete jungle. Which is why the skyscraper emblem for our Urban series represents a beacon of poise and contemporary style, a lofty idol for slick urban dwellers.



Like diamonds, a natural penchant for impeccable style lasts forever. It comes as no surprise then, that the Enchant series bears a diamond ring emblem; a plethora of crystals and undeniable feminine charm makes each timepiece a girl’s best friend.



A vision, to create products that will empower confidence and style.


The stainless steel used in Aries Gold bracelets and cases is obtained through a proprietary smelting process, resulting in a supremely robust alloy with ultra-high tensile strength. Its low carbon content also makes it particularly resistant to corrosion due to daily wear, such as perspiration and humidity.


99% of Aries Gold watches are fitted with sapphire crystal glass, cut from a polished slice of top-grade solid sapphire created by the fusion and crystallisation of alumina. This results in extreme hardness, durability and scratch resistance – on the hardness scale, the only material tougher than sapphire is diamond.


Case engineering is a vital step in the Aries Gold manufacturing process, with all cases tested using only the most advanced vacuum technology available to check for water resistance failure. Only cases that withstand our rigorous quality checks are used during the assembly stage as a mark of customer assurance.


Only authentic Swarovski Elements crystals are used in the assembly of Aries Gold watches. With more cut facets than regular crystals, Swarovski Elements crystals enhance the shine, lustre, and durability of all Aries Gold timepieces, for elegance that lies in a class of its own.