Disheartened by astronomical prices of the luxury watches, CK Woo set out to create his own brand of watches and accessories back in 1970. He fashioned a thriving business model that tapped on his belief: To make luxury accessible – by delivering premium watches and accessories at a radically fair price.

Today a global team of creatives and go-getters from Zurich, Vienna and Singapore continually seeks to create insanely great timepieces. Amid an ambitious global expansion blueprint, Aries Gold is now an international brand sold in 28 countries (including USA, Australia, Germany) – a hard-earned milestone for the only “Made in Singapore” watch brand. After a successful collaboration with International Rock Band Foo Fighters last year, Aries Gold continues to break new grounds by collaborating with International Rock Band Aerosmith in 2017 to promote their unique code: Combining worldclass design with quality watchmaking.

Case engineering is a vital step in the Aries Gold manufacturing process, with all cases tested using only the most advanced vacuum technology available to check for water resistance failure. Only cases that withstand our rigorous quality checks are used during the assembly stage as a mark of customer assurance.

Only authentic Swarovski Elements crystals are used in the assembly of Aries Gold watches. With more cut facets than regular crystals, Swarovski Elements crystals enhance the shine, lustre, and durability of all Aries Gold timepieces, for elegance that lies in a class of its own.

99% of Aries Gold watches are fitted with sapphire crystal glass, cut from a polished slice of top-grade solid sapphire created by the fusion and crystallisation of alumina. This results in extreme hardness, durability and scratch resistance – on the hardness scale, the only material tougher than sapphire is diamond.

All Aries Gold watches have the anti-reflective coating applied on the glass so that time-telling can be done with ease. The blue coloured coating reduce reflection and allows more light to fully enter the watch.

The stainless steel used in Aries Gold bracelets and cases is obtained through a proprietary smelting process, resulting in a supremely robust alloy with ultra-high tensile strength. Its low carbon content also makes it particularly resistant to corrosion due to daily wear, such as perspiration and humidity.

At Aries Gold, we seek to provide only the most precise and robust movements, with no exception or room for compromise. Amid an existing culture rampant with full machine automation elsewhere, we have stayed true to the roots of high quality handcrafted movements; our automatic movements are subject to only the most stringent, manual assembly by a sole master assembler. What this means is the presence of less dust and foreign particles in each of our timepieces, so you get more consistency, precision, as well as a significantly reduced possibility of mechanical failure. With a dedicated specialist at the helm, you can always rest assured that your Aries Gold timepiece is well and truly dedicated to last.

In addition to premium, handcrafted automatic movements, the leather we use is also borne of the finest ilk, produced in a specialised tannery originating from the renowned leatherworking city of Hessen, Germany. Our German-formulated leather undergoes an exacting production process, with every stage – including curing, liming, and bating – subject to the highest quality standards and attention to detail. An emphasis on hand stitching is also enforced, as we eschew the less refined and more commercially widespread practice of machine-cut automation.

Leatherworkers with more than 10 years of industry experience are responsible for the bespoke hand stitching process, ensuring that our legacy of well-made leather lives on, through the immeasurable pride in their craft. Apart from artisanal expertise, our leather product development arm also creates new leather variants via lab-based testing, aiding the evolution of fashion trends – evidenced by the innovative use of Mongolian horse leather in our Hellcat series, and lambskin for the Gauntlet Vintage edition. By staying one step ahead of the scene, we help make your Aries Gold timepiece stay one class above.